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Navigating the risks: Securing your harbour environment!

Safety is paramount in the bustling world of harbour environments, where slips, trips and falls pose significant risks.

One of the most prevalent risks faced by workers in these environments is the presence of slippery surfaces.

Dock and pier surfaces, loading areas, and gangways demand vigilant attention, especially during adverse weather conditions.

Esbjerg Marina - anti-slip

Dock and pier surfaces: These main walkways quickly become hazardous when met with moisture, compounded by heavy foot traffic. Slippery surfaces endanger workers and visitors alike, leading to potential accidents and operational disruptions.

Loading and unloading areas: Cargo handling zones are high-activity areas where moisture and oil can create dangerous conditions. Accidents here can cause serious injuries to workers and damage to cargo, impacting overall safety.

Gangways and ramps: Vital transit points within harbours, these areas are prone to slip hazards due to their incline and exposure to the elements. Safety guarding them is crucial for pedestrian and driver safety.

Prioritizing safety measures and securing your harbour environment is essential for maintaining operational efficiency. Real Safety has a long track record with providing anti-slip safety solutions to marine vessels and harbour environments. Read some of our cases about securing Marine and Harbour environments – Esbjerg Marina and Esvagt:

Case thumb - Esbjerg Marina
Case study - Esvagt
Torben Farup Henriksen

Founder and Business Development