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Real Safety Contact Info:

+45 26 11 44 66

Torben Farup Henriksen

Founder and Business Development

The story behind Real Safety

The beginning:

In 2007, Torben Farup, who is the owner and founder of Real Safety, came up with the idea to increase safety for people working offshore in the oil and gas industry. Torben wanted to focus on preventing trip, slip and fall incidents, as these were among the most common reasons for accidents in the industry.

Torben contacted Réal Marine in Stavanger and set up Real Safety and were quickly very successful. Not only were the solutions quickly recognised within the industry for reducing accidents, but so was their innovative, easy and practical approach.

Today, Real Safety’s solutions are industry ‘best practice’ and an integrated part of new designs and solutions when upgrading working environments. A real ground-breaking moment came in 2017, when Real Safety’s Escape Route Marking solution won the international award in the Offshore Category. It won for being the most innovative and cost reducing safety product for the offshore industry.

Real Safety Milestones

Real Safety Time Line


Preventing risk and accidents is more important than ever, offshore and onshore, across industries. It is Real Safety’s vision to become the world’s preferred partner for innovative, environmentally-friendly, custom-made solutions, which reduces the risk of accidents happening for people. Both at work or within the public space.


Our Mission is to create “Best practice” standards within our field of expertise: GRP Composites and anti-slip safety solutions. We aim to reduce the risks through unique customised solutions, using materials that minimise maintenance, enhance safety and promote sustainability.

Real Safety Solutions Flyer

Working with clients

Torben Farup comes from a very diverse background, but dealing with people has always been a constant companion throughout his working life. 

Torben comments: “For me, it’s not the size or scope of the project that’s most important – it’s actually working collaboratively with clients and my team to find solutions. Over the years, it has resulted in quite a few interesting meetings, challenges and ultimately, solutions. I’m passionate about safety. I had a serious fall accident in 2007, and I wouldn’t wish that experience on anyone!”.


We are based in Esbjerg, the maritime and energy capital of Denmark. The office takes up over 1.600m2, which includes offices, production, storage and workshop.

We also have local offices in Stavanger, Norway and have just opened a subsidiary company in the United Arab Emirates. Additionally, we have formed valuable partnerships around the world.


Torben has a dynamic, creative, and very experienced team behind him, servicing many industries across the globe. Meet the team Here.