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Escape Routes

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Escape Routes
Torben Farup Henriksen

Founder and Business Development

Improve workplace emergency preparedness with clear escape route markings.

It is extremely important that escape routes are marked both clearly and safely with route markers.

This is especially important when working in high-risk environments in the offshore, industrial and maritime sectors.

Signage and guidance

Proper signage and guidance is vital in emergency situations! Firstly, you need signage on walls. Secondly, you require clear directional markings on walkways. 

Escape Route Markers is the award-winning solution for effective marking of escape routes – with clear guidance of directions to Muster points on off-shore and industrial installations.

Following specific feedback we had from the offshore industry, we developed our Escape Route Marker solution with one of our largest customers Maersk Oil (now TotalEnergies). It replaces the very costly and unsafe practice of painting escape routes guidance directly onto gratings and walkways.

Our solution cuts costs and enhances safety at the same time. Furthermore, it is now included in the Technical Standards as the defined method for marking escape routes for TotalEnergies.

Read our case study here from our work on the Tyra Development.

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Safe Escape

Reduces risk

Improves visibility

Award winning solution

Improves off-shore safety

Case study: Tyra redevelopment

The Tyra field is the largest natural-gas condensate field in the Danish North Sea.

We were contacted by TotalEnergies because they sought a new and innovative solution for marking Escape Routes on their assets in the North Sea for the Tyra redevelopment.