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Project: Tyra redevelopment

The Tyra field is the largest natural-gas condensate field in the Danish North Sea.

It has been in operation since 1984 and was originally two production complexes, which also processed gas from other fields.
In 2017, a redevelopment of the Tyra platforms called Tyra II was announced, costing a total of 21 Billion DKK. Production is scheduled to start in 2023. TotalEnergies is committed to the long-term development of the Danish offshore sector. The developed Tyra will be a high-tech production and export center, which will secure gas supply for many years to come.


Real Safety has supplied safety solutions for Mærsk Oil and TotalEnergies since 2007 and were contacted by TotalEnergies, who sought a new and innovative solution for marking Escape Routes on their assets in the North Sea for the Tyra redevelopment.

TotalEnergies: “We are seeking an innovative solution that brings us in compliance with Norsok S-001. The solution must be applied from the top-side of the grating. It must be easy to install in all weather conditions, all year round – with a warranty of minimum 10 years.

Painting jobs involve many stages: You need correct temperatures, closed off areas, preparation, primer coat, 1st and 2nd coat. And how do you paint a proper directional arrow on grating? Furthermore, the “window” for painting jobs in the North Sea is limited due to weather conditions.

TotalEnergies realised that painting directly on grating resulted in a poor product life cycle, (re-painting every month to be compliant), and return on investment on these jobs is very poor.



Working closely with TotalEnergies’ technical teams and safety department, Real Safety developed Escape Route Markers. We also supplied anti-slip Step Covers and Step Nosing solutions for stairs.

Escape Route Markers are a simple innovative solution that completely complies with Norsok S-001 and immediately eliminates all the issues with painting, compliance and low ROI.

EPC contractors on the project were Rosetti Marino, McDermott International and Sembcorp Singapore.

Real Safety supplied all Escape Route Markers and anti-slip solutions on this project.


Real Safety Escape Route Markings are now described as “best practise” in many specifications. It also won an award for the most innovative safety solution for the industry, as it cuts costs by almost 70% and enhances safety due to its clear visible escape directions and anti-slip features.

Real Case

Torben Farup Henriksen

Founder and Business Development