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Dropped Object Prevention

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Drop Prevention
Torben Farup Henriksen

Founder and Business Development

Prevent potential injury caused by falling objects.

Dropped objects come in a diverse range of shapes, sizes and weights, and may fall for a variety of different reasons.

Dropped object incidents fall into one of two categories: static or dynamic.

Static Dropped Objects generally include fixed objects that fall from height with no external force applied. This is often as a result of corrosion, poor maintenance or indeed incorrectly installed fixtures.

Dynamic Dropped Objects generally fall because of applied external force. This could i.e. include objects falling from conveyor belts, items such as hammers being dropped by personnel but also fixtures such as lights or speakers being dislodged by vibration, impact or even because of extreme winds.

These incidents significantly threaten not only the safety of personnel, but also critical equipment located in the potential impact zone.

On site at on- and offshore facilities, factors such as poor maintenance, harsh weather conditions, exposure to UV radiation, moving equipment and lastly, strong vibrations cause fixtures and structures to corrode and become loose. That creates a significant threat especially when best-practice prevention procedures are not followed.

These drop safety risks can also be made worse by human error. Furthermore, personnel working at height are at risk of dropping equipment such as handheld tools. If these dropped objects i.e. strike another worker below, injury or possible death can occur. Dropped tools and equipment is certainly a main threat in numerous industries worldwide and therefore, workplace drop safety measures is particularly important.

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