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Risk Area

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Torben Farup Henriksen

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Reduce the risk of falls on stairs.

Stairs are a high-risk area when it comes to slipping or falling.

The primary cause of accidents is the lack of friction on the edge of the tread nose due to poor stair grip.

The 90 degrees angle is where footing must be regained once out of balance. Often, this is also where you slip. It can have huge consequences if you have an accident on a set of stairs.

Safe traffic on stairs requires good and safe physical conditions. these include:

  • Good lighting throughout the area
  • Good friction on the treads but also on the angle of every step
  • A solid and safe railing with a good grip
  • Visible and clear marking of the nosing – for example by having contrasting colours

To mitigate the risk, it’s useful to remember these tips:

  • Do not run up and down stairs – walk at a normal pace
  • Use the handrail – always keep one hand on the rail for balance
  • Make sure to have a clear line of sight when you carry something
  • Keep it clean

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Durable, high-quality GRP

Reduce slip, trip and falls

10 years warranty

Easy to install

Non corrosive

Case study: BPGIC – Fujairah Oil Industry Zone II

BPGIC want to prevent all types of personal incidents and see the statistics as critical risks. Therefore, they sought an innovative, safe and sustainable solution for installing anti-slip prevention upgrades within their tank storage facility.