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Risk Area
GRP Composites

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Torben Farup Henriksen

Founder and Business Development

We are experts in GRP Composite construction materials.

There are known risks assocated with using conventional materials like steel.

    Unlike steel, FRP/GRP molded and pultruded gratings are lightweight and strong, and an ideal alternative to conventional steel grates in construction.

    The risks when using metal include:

    • Oxidation and corrosion
    • Deformation
    • High electrical and thermal conductivity
    • High installation costs due to material weight and galvanization

    Above risk factors result in high maintenance costs, especially in coastal and wet environments or where warm and humid temperatures are present.

    These risks can be avoided by using Real Safety’s GRP Composite products:

    • Unaffected by water and resistant to chemicals
    • Non-conductive and insulator to thermal conductivity
    • Low installation costs – no use of torches
    • Low weight – 1/3 of steel
    • GRP Composites will not deform under impact
    • Long product life
    • Low maintenance costs

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    No Corrosion

    No Deformation

    Cost Effective

    Low Maintenance Costs

    Resistant to chemicals

    Case study: Water desalination Project

    The Ministry of Environment of Saudi Arabia is building sea water desalination plants in many cities in order to meet daily water needs.

    The project consists of eight SWRO desalination plants, spanning the western coast of the Kingdom across a distance of 1,800 km.

    Real Safety delivered a range of GRP Profiles for the construction phase.