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Escape Route Markings
Torben Farup Henriksen

Founder and Business Development

Escape Route Markers for safe evacuation

Emergency situations are worst case scenarios especially when working in high-risk environments in the offshore, industrial and maritime sectors.

When an emergency happens, it is extremely important that escape routes are marked both clearly and safely with route markers because the marking of escape routes has one purpose only – and that is quick evacuation to a safe area! 

Escape Route Markers is the award-winning, effective FRP floor marking solution for emergency exits and emergency escape routes. 

The solution also solves an important issue, which is poorly visible escape routes on offshore installations, which can lead to fatal emergency situations.

Our escape route markings are permanently yellow and anti-slip and black arrows are embedded into the surface to indicate the direction of evacuation. They are durable and easy to install all year round, in all weather conditions. 

What are the benefits?

Escape Route Markings provide several benefits including: 

  • Clear direction – By clearly marking escape routes, workers can quickly and easily find their way to designated muster points in the event of an emergency
  • Permanent safety feature – Painted markers quickly fade – and that is not an issue with our escape markers as these are embedded into the surface. 
  • Reduced Risk – We have encapsulated sharp aluminum oxide grits into the surface to provide optimum friction – and that prevents people from slipping when stepping on the markers.
  • High visibility – Our escape route markers are typically yellow with black arrows embedded into the surface to improve visibility – even in challenging environments.

Escape Route Markers were developed with our largest customer Total Energies. We had to find a solution which could replace the very costly and unsafe practice of painting escape routes onto gratings and walkways. This revolutionary solution worked so well that it is now included in their Technical Standard Manual as the Best Practice method for marking escape routes to the point of evacuation. 

Need some help or got a question? Check out our FAQs, where you can find answers to most questions. If you still can’t find the answer you’re looking for, please contact us.

Visit our Youtube Channel to view installation guides.

Easy to install

Visible even in low-light conditions

Guides and protects for minimum 10 years

Anti-slip optimum friction

Custom made – optional colour choice

Where do you use Escape Route Markers?

Escape Route Markings are used to guide people towards emergency exits and muster points in the event of an emergency such as fire or other hazard and that is particularly important in high-risk environments in the offshore, industrial and maritime sectors. 

They can be installed on top of any existing surface.

Escape Route Markings application
  • Offshore platforms 
  • Oil and gas facilities
  • Wind energy
  • Construction 
  • Marine industry 
Reducing accidents – statistics

The oil and gas industry is subject to a range of hazards such as fire, explosions, toxic gas release and structural failures. In the event of an emergency, having clear and visible escape route markings is critical to ensuring that workers are able to evacuate the facility quickly and safely. 

Regulatory bodies such as the International Maritime Organization (IMO) require offshore facilities to have adequate escape route markings in place to ensure the safety of workers and failure to comply with these regulations, can results in serious consequences, including: 

  • Legal liability  
  • Regulatory fines and penalties 
  • Damage reputation

Escape routes markers therefore play a crucial role in ensuring the safety of workers specifically on offshore facilities. Without clear markers, workers may become disoriented or lost, which can result in delays and potentially life-threatening situations. 

It is also important that workers are fully trained to understand and follow them in the event of an emergency. 

Provision of Health and Safety Signs at work

IMO Resolution- Escape Route Signs and Equipment Location Markings 

Real Safe Escape – Installation Video

Tyra Case Study

Safe Escape Data Sheet


The primary purpose of Real Safe Escape Route Markers is to provide clear floor guidance on how to evacuate safely in the event of an emergency. Other benefits include: 

  • The markers enhance safety and reduce confusion in emergencies
  • Improves evacuation times by ensuring people can quickly locate the nearest muster point / exit
  • 10 years warranty – no maintenance 
  • Replaces the very costly and unsafe practice of painting escape routes directly onto gratings and walkways
  • Custom-made sizes and optional high visibility colours – with or without arrows
  • Aluminum oxides are integrated into the top surface of the FRP escape markers and that makes them resistant to wear and tear
  • The markers can be quickly installed by anyone in all weather conditions all year round
  • Sharp aluminum oxide grits are encapsulated into the surface of the glass fiber to provide the step grips with optimum friction
  • Highly resistant to corrosion, chemicals, saltwater and other corrosive substances 
  • Real Safety solutions are all classified with the highest scores as R13
  • Width x length: 100 mm x 1200 mm, 120 mm x 1200 mm

Frequently Asked Questions

If you can´t find the answer you are looking for here, please contact us.

How do I install Escape Route Markers?

Please view our installation guide for our Escape Route Markers here.

Our markers are non-load bearing and pre-fabricated for a quick and easy installation on existing substrates including concrete, metal and fiberglass, steel, composite grating, wood and tile.

Installations can be done all year round, and in all weather conditions. 

If you need help in finding the best solution, please contact us. 

How do I maintain and clean the markers?

Regular cleaning keeps the anti-slip markers free of debris and looking new. 

Most household methods are suitable. Detergents and mild degreasers work well too but do ensure they are diluted with water and immediately hosed off with water. 

For stubborn deposits on the strips, use a stiff bristle brush. High pressure heated water (660 psi, as used in food processing plants) may be used in industrial environments.

How long do the markers last?

A minimum of ten years.

How much does this solution cost?

This depends on the size of the project and requirements – but please contact us for a price.

Is it a sustainable product?

The sustainability of GRP escape route markers depends on several factors such as the manufacturing process, transportation, and end-of-life disposal. Our markers are durable and long-lasting safety solutions, which reduces the need for frequent replacement. 

They can therefore be classed as environmentally friendly to some extent for several reasons: 

  • Low maintenance
  • Long lifespan
  • Energy efficient 

When installed correctly, the solution lasts for many years, reducing the need for frequent maintenance and repair. Finally, when it comes to end-life disposal, our grp route markers can be recycled or reused, which reduces waste and conserves resources. 

Why are Escape Route Markers important?

They provide a crucial safety upgrade on off-shore and industrial facilities 

What materials are used to make this solution?

Escape Route Markers are made from fibreglass-reinforced polymer (FRP), which is a strong and durable material that is resistant to water, chemicals, UV rays and corrosion – making them an ideal choice to improve safety – even in harsh environments. 

Integrated into the top surface of the GRP markings are aluminum oxides. The hardness of the aluminum oxides makes it impossible to wear the markers down. 

Additionally, our escape signage markings are non-conductive and have low thermal conductivity, making them suitable for use in areas where electrical or thermal hazards are present. They are also resistant to corrosion, moisture and chemicals. 

We offer two grit sizes:

mesh 10 (extra coarse grit) mesh 20 (coarse grit).

The slip resistance level of Real Safety’s solutions are all classified with the highest score of R13.

How do I choose the right Escape Route Markings?

Offshore platforms, ships, and industrial facilities are often large and complex structures that can be difficult to navigate, and choosing the right escape route markings can be critical for ensuring the safety of individuals in emergency situations – including:

  • Choosing the right material 
  • Identifying the texture and slip resistance rating 
  • Determining the size and color that stands out to increase visibility
  • Installation method
  • Assessment of the surrounding environment
  • Compliance with safety regulations 
  • Cost

We have provided this solution for some of the world’s biggest energy and off-shore companies since 2007 and are known for offering our clients a personal consultancy approach to gain an in-depth understanding of the industry they serve and the challenges they are facing. 

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