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ESVAGT safety upgrade

ESVAGT was founded in 1981 and has a fleet of more than 40 vessels – supporting the offshore wind, oil and gas industries with a wide range of specialised services.

ESVAGT Heidi and ESVAGT Leah were built by Ulstein Shipyard, Norway in 2012 and sail under the Danish flag. In January 2022, both vessels went into Esvagt’s charter and Esbjerg Denmark is their home port. Both have an X-bow design and are energy and fuel optimised.

Jesper Møhring Madsen, Captain on ESVAGT Heidi, welcomed the new vessels saying: “We have acquired two excellent vessels, both thoroughly well made”. View a recent interview we did with Jesper Møhring Madsen, Captain on ESVAGT Heidi here.


ESVAGT’s fleet of multi-role vessels are all designed and equipped to operate worldwide and in harsh environments.

However, safety upgrades are often necessary on vessels to help eliminate the risk of accidents happening in areas used by the crew across the ship – like walkways and ladders. These areas are constantly exposed to the elements and therefore, need special attention to help lift the visibility of the areas – but also to make them as slip – and accident proff as possible.

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Real Safety has supplied safety solutions to ESVAGT over many years.

On these two vessels, a requested safety upgrade on ladders of various sizes was delivered, along with anti-slip walkway covers for the top landing areas, and increased visibility and anti-slip safety on existing steel gratings of differing levels – and upgrading stairs.

Jakob Moustgaard, Captajn on Esvagt Leah, commented: “This high level safety upgrade will significantly help keep the number of internal work safety incidents down to an absolute minimum, in an environment shaped by external challenges such as wind and rough seas. All whilst always working towards the ESVAGT mantra: Do IT safe or not at all.”

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Torben Farup Henriksen

Founder and Business Development