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Torben Farup Henriksen

Founder and Business Development

Oil and Gas

We have worked with the oil & gas industry since 2007, and we are proud to state: “We know this business!”

Upstream Oil & Gas, offshore as well as onshore, are known to be frontrunners for: Safety First. Striving for ZERO incidents by implementing a good safe worksite culture and using the best quality solutions to prevent incidents.

Globally, Real Safety has worked with company owners of fixed production oil & gas platforms, drilling rigs, FPSO’s, tankers, refineries, tank farms and all other types of industrial sites in this industry to develop jobsite safety solutions. This has resulted in new state-of-the-art solutions, which have been implemented as “best practise”, both during maintenance and new build.

Oil and Gas industry Risk Areas:

Escape routes – Drill Floors – Walkways – Stairs – Dropped objects

CASE STUDY – Total Energies


Real Safety was approached by TotalEnergies, who sought a new and innovative solution for marking Escape Routes on their assets in the North Sea. According to Norsok S-001, all Escape Routes and temporary refuge must be in accordance with ISO 13702 clause 14. Furthermore, on deck grating, two parallel 100mm wide yellow lines shall be anti-slip and painted – indicating the width of the escape route. Lastly, the markings must show the preferred direction of escape.

“We are seeking an innovative solution that gets us in compliance with Norsok S-001. The solution must be applied from the top-side of the grating. It must be easy to install in all weather conditions, all year round with a warranty of minimum 10 years!”

Real Safety has been cooperating with TotalEnergies since 2005, and we understood the safe work environment challenge!


Painting jobs involve many stages: You need correct temperatures, closed off areas, preparation, primer coat, 1st and 2nd coat. And how do you even paint a proper directional arrow? Furthermore, the “window” for painting jobs in the North Sea is limited, due to weather conditions. You really need to prepare but also prioritise the painting jobs. TotalEnergies realised that painting on grating resulted in poor lifecycle (re-painting every month to be compliant). As a result, the ROI for these jobs was very poor.


In cooperation with TotalEnergies’ technical teams and safety department, Real Safety’s RD developed: Escape Route Markers. A simple innovative safe work environment solution that completely complies with Norsok S-001 and eliminates all the problem tasks immediately.


Escape Route Markings are indeed described as “best practise” in many specifications. It was awarded the most innovative job site safety solution for the industry, as it cuts costs by almost 70% and enhances safety due to its clear visible escape directions and anti-slip features. For more information about this particular case, see our case study on Tyra, the largest natural-gas condensate field in the North Sea.

Articles and Oil and Gas industry information:

Figures from the Danish Energy Agency concerning lost time incidents over the last six years, show that slips, trips and falls are the most common working accidents (37%). We can help to reduce this trend, create safe worksites and innovative job site safety solutions.

Explore our Solutions

REAL Safe Escape

Real Safe Escape Route Markers

Real Safe Escape route markers is the award-winning, effective FRP/GRP Floor marking solution for emergency exits and emergency escape routes for offshore, industrial and maritime environments. 

Step Cover on tank farm

Step Covers

Stairs are a high-risk area when it comes to slipping or falling. It is therefore extremely important to effectively secure this area. A cost-effective way to upgrade slippery stairs is to use Real Safety’s step covers. The safety covers will slip proof the area and prevent accidents from happening in the first place.

Drill Floor

Drill Floors

The drill floor is the heart of any drilling rig and requires a maximum level of safety. Mud, oil, heavy equipment and harsh environments are all risks creating slippery flooring. As a result, the area requires good friction in order to avoid slip, trip and fall incidents.