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Real Safety’s green transition journey

Real Safety recently spoke to a film crew sent by the Danish Business Authority about our approach to the green transition and sustainability. That resulted in a great article – and video case.

Extract from – SME: Green Competence case:

“The goal is to be number one in the world for sustainability in our industry”

Until recently, Real Safety in Esbjerg had not had a structured approach to the green transition and sustainability, as it had not really been a priority for customers. The expectation is, however, that an increasing focus on sustainability will give companies with a clear green profile competitive advantages, and this has made it interesting for Real Safety to set concrete sustainability initiatives in motion.

Torben Farup founded Real Safety in 2007. He had been able to ascertain that a large part (approx. 33% – of all workplace accidents), happen because people slip, fall or trip on a surface. He has made it his mission to try to reduce this number. To do that, he has developed non-slip profiles produced in a mixture of resin and glass fiber composite – and he succeeded in getting the products into production.

Increasing demand for sustainable measures

Real Safety supplies anti-slip solutions to companies and organizations both in Denmark and abroad. And it certainly hasn’t escaped Torben Farup’s attention, just how much sustainability has started to come up in the general debate – along with increased reporting requirements in connection with ESG. We have been lucky enough to secure co-financing from the EU, which has made it possible to start the upskilling of staff in ​​sustainability.

Read the entire case article on the Business Programme’s website.

Torben Farup Henriksen

Founder and Business Development