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Securing Mutawa 312 Tug Ship

Slip, Trip and Fall Pilot Campaign

AL MUTAWA MARINE was formed in 1978 and provide highly specialized technical services to the offshore Oil & Gas industry, and other industries. MUTAWA 312 is a tug ship navigating under the United Arab Emirates flag.

Adnoc ladder rung prep

ADNOC Logistics and Services provides world-class shipping, maritime, port, logistics and oil field services, serving ADNOC and international customers.

Pilot Campaign

The purpose of the campaign was to showcase how it is possible to enhance safety by implementing Real Safety’s concepts to avoid slip, trip and fall incidents onboard the Tug vessel.


Visibility, Anti-Slip and “Use Handrail” solutions on stairs and ladders were implemented onto Mutawa 312 to raise awareness throughout the vessel.

Furthermore, Escape Route Markings were installed to upgrade and streamline emergency routes on the ship.

Before Safety upgrade

After Safety upgrade

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Torben Farup Henriksen

Founder and Business Development