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E/F Krøyerhus, Carlsberg City, Copenhagen

Securing slippery wooden surfaces

Krøyerhus, Carlsberg Byen

Carlsberg Byen, is a lively neighborhood in Copenhagen where people live, work, hang out, cycle through, do their shopping, and go for a walk. Shops are next to offices, and housing is next to educational and day care institutions.


E/F Krøyerhus, the estate association, had major problems with their new wooden terraces in the common areas. The wooden surfaces were becoming a major risk because they got incredibly slippery in wet and humid weather.


In collaboration with the E/F Krøyerhus board, we identified the best way to install our well-known deck strip solution, so that they matched the beautiful architecture and surroundings.

Installing our anti-slip decking strips instantly reduced the risk of slips, trips and falls accidents in the area. The solution is long-lasting – with slip resistance in the area secured for many years to come.

Original wooden surfaces

After installation of Real Safety anti-slip deck strips

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Torben Farup Henriksen

Founder and Business Development