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Anholt offshore windfarm

The Anholt Offshore Wind Farm, which was completed in 2013, is the world’s third largest off-shore wind farm.

Wind Energy


HSE Advisor of windfarm, commented: “Since the park became operational, we have serviced and maintained the windfarm. Typically, it’s in the nacelle and hubs that most of the maintencance work takes place. A lot of technicians from different organisations do this work – often in very crammed conditions – and we are responsible for their safety.
Various types of steel material is used on floors and walkways and therefore, we were focused on improving the areas both visually but also from an anti slip safety perspective. In nacelles, you will often find traces of hydraulic oil. That, combined with a slight tilt of the surface, leads to a very unsafe work environment on steps and floors.”



The client picked a combination of anti slip step covers with yellow nosing on the steps in the nacelle. The L shaped glassfiber profiles, with imbedded silicon carbide stones to increase friction, secure stairs where it’s most needed – around the nose.

Anti slip FRP plates were installed within the hub covering the accumulator package on each blade bearing.

Finally, we secured ladders rungs in the tower section with our FRP anti slip ladder rung covers. All our solutions were mounted onto existing surfaces with a 10 year guarantee.

HSE Advisor of windfarm, commented: “We were really looking for a long lasting safety solution – to ensure the surfaces were upgraded both visually but also to improve slip safety. We wanted a solution that was quick and easy to install onto existing surfaces.
We chose to work with Real Safety as we felt they were focused on solving our issues. Their solution was completely customised to suit our needs. We now have slip safe steps covering the stairs inside the nacelle and our technicians are able to move around safely without the risk of slipping and falling.

Before Real Safety solution

After Real Safety solution installation

Real Case


Torben Farup Henriksen

Founder and Business Development