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Wooden Surfaces

When wood gets wet it becomes slippery. Furthermore, wood is often attacked by algea and other organic parasites that underline the need for a proper anti-slip solution.

For many years, chicken wire has been the best attempt keeping people from slipping and falling on slippery woods. Numerous other creative measures have been tested too but they all failed.

Real Safety's solution has proved to be successful

During the last 5-6 years we have tested and gained a lot of good experience in slip securing wooden surfaces. This enabled us to offer a solution that is permanently anti-slip, maintenance free, has a long life span and is even aesthetic.

The color of the profiles can be easily matched to the color of the wooden surface by selecting the right RAL color. We are happy to help and custom produce profiles in any RAL color and desired size. This is the only way to secure smooth wood - once and for all.

 Read our guide on How to Secure Wooden Surfaces.

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