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Walk Ways

We define walkways as areas primarily for connection and traffic purposes. These being corridors, hallways, lobbies, access roads, escape routes or other thoroughfares. Also, walkways are large areas of specific risk of horizontal slipping.

Do you pay attention to obstacles in front of you – also when carrying large objects? Have you ever fallen because of being too busy and in a hurry?

Real Safety knows the solution

We have a large amount of experience of securing walkways of any kind. Safe traffic on the walkways requires that the physical conditions are as safe as possible:

  • Good lighting
  • High friction on the floor
  • A smooth and clean substrate

Furthermore, awareness of the following situations is vital:

  • Congestion or simply other pedestrians
  • Obstacles in the way
  • Keeping a free sight carrying goods
  • Keeping your hands out of the pockets

It is hard to maintain focus on sensible behavior which has not yet become a sound habit. This is why it is of utmost importance to remind yourself and each other to keep alert.

Take it one step further!

Real Safety can help you to make walkways as visible and slip-proof as possible. We use colors, text and/or pictograms to increase the visual safety.

More and more places, companies have become aware that important signs can be put into the floor. Because when you move from one area to another, important information on the walls can easily be overlooked. However, people usually look where they go, and important warnings or instructions can therefore be printed with great advantage in the non-slip coating. Either as pictogram or text.

Cables, wires or tubes that might be in the way, can be hung up on S-hooks or be covered with anti-slip cable bridges. If anything hangs or sticks out and raises the risk of head injuries, safety bumpers can be used to visualize and protect against hard impacts. With Real Safety's solutions, every bit of you is safe from head to toe.

 Read our guide about How to Secure Walk Ways.

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