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Stairs are one of the areas that represent the highest risk of slipping or falling.

The primary cause is the lack of friction on the edge of the tread. The 90 degrees angle is where footing shall be regained once out of balance. Often, this is also where you slip…

Do you usually remember to keep a hand on the rail while walking on a staircase? Have you ever fallen on stairs?

At Real Safety we are experts in preventing accidents on stairs

Safe traffic on stairs presupposes that the physical conditions are as safe as possible: 

  • Good lighting
  • Good friction on the treads and not least, on the angle of every step
  • A solid railing
  • Visible and clear marking of the nosings

Furthermore, the mental awareness that stairs are potentially dangerous is just as important:

  • Do not run or play on stairs
  • Use the handrail
  • Make sure to have a clear sight when you carry something
  • Keep your hands out of your pockets

These things might be harder than you expect because you are up against the force of habit. We all know what we should do and we are repeatedly reminded about it in one way or another. The challenge is then to remind each other in various ways. Incorporating the topic of everyday safety in different projects or tasks is one way of doing it.

Clearly visible anti-slip solution

What we can do for you is making treads and stairs as visible and slip proof as possible.

We like to use a contrast color on the nose of a step to increase the visibility. This helps you distinguish the level differences. Our most popular color combination is a black tread with a yellow nose – but any RAL color can be made to order.

Our different solutions all have been part of a still ongoing development and experience from our 10 years of supplying the Offshore, Oil and Gas industry.

Read our guide on How to Secure Stairs.

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