Avoid slipping on the elevated platforms – this is where we work

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We define platforms as elevated working areas meant for upright tasks, or as the middle platform of a stairway between two staircases. These are mainly found in production lines, marine decks, offshore or in large machines.

Friction, flexibility and not least, visibility are strong issues on a platform. The level difference from the existing flooring to a platform prescribes that we handle the platform as a stair tread.

Visibility, friction and safety awareness

First of all, it is important that the edges of the platforms are marked for visible distinction. Furthermore, it is vital to have maximum friction on the 90 degrees angle, as here is where footing must be regained after being out of balance. Without angle friction this is where shoes are slipping. These details are important for effective anti-slip safety.

Safe standing and working on and around a platform requires:

  • Good lighting conditions
  • The effective adhesion to both the step and the edge
  • Railing or safety handle
  • Visible marking of height differences

Just as important is the awareness of:

  • Not running
  • Keeping your hands out of your pockets
  • Using handrail or handle

 Read our guide on How to Secure Platforms.

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