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Marine Decks

The decks of a vessel are heavily exposed to slipping and falling. The combination of a moist and wet milieu and the movements of the sea cause the high risk of losing balance.

For many years checker plate or simply paint containing sand have been the method to counteract slippery decks

The disadvantages, some will find, is that a checker plate is mainly safe in dry condition and sandy paint is a reliable but short lasting solution that needs to be re-applied often. Therefore the effective and long lasting solution is to mount walkway covers upon the existing deck.

Long-term anti-slip solution

Walkway covers are fiber glass profiles embedded with sharp silica stones available in all RAL colors with or without pictograms or text. The standard color yellow is always in stock.

The profiles are cut to order or they can be ordered in full plates to be cut to size on location. No maintenance costs and a life span up to 20 years. The profiles mounted at the platforms in the North Sea 10 years ago are still going strong even under those extreme conditions.

 Read our guide about How to Secure Marine Decks.

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