Ladder Rung profiles keeps your feet from slipping – add-on safety, every step of the way

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To work, climb or stay on a ladder calls for a high level of slip resistance on the ladder rungs as the footing - climbing a ladder - is concentrated in an area much smaller than standing on an even floor. Therefore, it is extra important to make sure that these steps are not smooth and slippery. If you slip on a ladder, there is also the height factor that should be considered.

Other hazard factors

Whether it be a free standing or a fixed ladder, you will also be affected by using one or two hands to support yourself, whether you wear something on the ladder, whether you stand still and work or use the ladder as an access point.

Self bearing or built-in ladders will both demand the support of at least one hand. This is why the ladder rungs must have good friction. No matter what, anti-slip protection is vital!

Read our guide on How to Secure Ladders.

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