Safety Areas

Here we have defined some of the areas with the highest risk of people slipping, tripping or falling. Please let us know when you have suggestions to other areas we ought to include describing best practice of anti-slip safety.

Safety at work

... has increased significantly during the last 20 years. An increasing focus on the context between thriving and safety at work has turned general work safety into an active priority by a still growing number of companies.

Naturally there are substantial economical incentives connected to avoiding accidents during working hours. That makes an investment in this area obvious for this reason alone. But as a higher level of safety also has a large impact on people's thriving and consequently, also their effectiveness. Many companies have seen obvious benefits from investing in safety – among this anti-slip safety. 

Stairs and smooth surfaces

– an obvious place to start. According to the latest report (2013) from The Danish Energy Agency, slips, trips and falls were the most frequent causes of accidents in the North Sea over the last 6 years (37%). This being an increasing tendency as 2013 revealed that 56% of all accidents were caused by and belong to the category of slipping and falling.

The most effective way

Consequently, anti slip safety is the most effective way to increase safety in general. Real Safety has great experience in surveying and identifying potential risk areas and helping to find the best solutions to every challenge. Please go ahead and contact us for a professional opinion and an estimate of the safe solution.

Read our Guide on how to secure slippery surfaces or Testimonials from some of our clients.











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