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Ladder Rung Safety

Protect your personnel

Slippery ladder rungs can be very dangerous. Most ladders are made of metal/steel which is a very strong material, but when it gets just a little bit wet it becomes very slippery. Fortunately, we have an easy and quick solution. Don’t be sorry tomorrow – fix it today!

Ladder rung covers from Real Safety prevent slips, trips and falls and can be mounted on every ladder rung - no matter the material or shape.  Anti-Slip is our ONLY business!


Real Safety’s ladder rung profiles are made of high-quality fiberglass embedded with sharp and hard-wearing silicon carbide stone fragments for a very high durability and highly effective traction.

We supply both round and square profiles designed exactly to fit existing ladder rungs and they are mounted directly on them. The installation is a simple process, as these profiles are usually secured with the help of an extremely strong adhesive. We highly recommend TEC7 for this purpose.

The profiles come in hazard yellow and black color variations.

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