GRP Grating - Stronger, Lighter, Safer

What is GRP?

Glass-reinforced plastic. It is a special composite material also known as fibre-reinforced polymer (FRP). It is made of plastic and reinforced with fine fibers of glass. Also, a binder is used to combine these two physically differing raw materials. In our case, it is resin that holds this very special composite material together.

Stronger, Lighter, Safer

GRP gratings are much stronger than traditional steel gratings. These fiberglass gratings from Real Safety will effectively keep you on track. The anti-slip surface is made of hard stone fragments embedded in the surface of the grating. This guarantees an optimal foothold in areas exposed to oil, water, grease, ice, etc.

The above mentioned outstanding features make fiber gratings the ideal alternative, where standard steel gratings are commonly used. There is nothing lighter or safer that is strong enough other than Real Safety's EU-made GRP gratings.

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