Real Safety has as main purpose to guard and prevent against slipping and tripping accidents.

Anti-slip safety offshore

Since 2005 we have supplied platforms, rigs and ships in the North Sea with counseling and safety solutions. And looking at the latest figures from the Danish Energy Agency (Energistyrelsen) concerning lost time incidents, we are still very much needed, as slips, trips and falls over the last six years are still the most common working accident (37%)

In 2013 the slips, trips and falls rate was even 56% of all accidents in the North Sea.

These rates do not reflect the high focus on safety that the Danish Offshore Industry have enforced throughout the years.

We are therefore convinced that an increased focus on this - the largest cause of injuries - will make the LTI rate fall considerably.

Anti-slip safety onshore

In close corporation with the operators on the North Sea, Real safety has developed both expertise and products to meet theoretical and practical safety liabilities, with the distinct purpose of minimizing falling accidents.

This expertise is also becoming beneficial to Industry and public areas, as we over the last couple of years have experienced a steadily increasing interest from food industries and the metal industry, where the challenges of non-skidding are high too.

Furthermore architects and municipalities is reaching out for our solutions, ensuring that people moving in the public room can tread safely too. In this respect, we inadvertently have created a new strong relation beneficial to all and in full compliance with our main purpose.

Let us all focus on avoiding slips, trips and falls

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