Our anti slip profiles secure any surface, even in the toughest environments – so you and your colleagues can work on safe grounds. Safety among personnel is our number one priority.

Real Safety

Welcome to the world of safe behavior and solid surfaces.

Anti Slip – a human right

All surfaces must be made to move safe and secure - at all times - without any risk of slips, trips or falls.

Real Safety has made this mission our mantra and subsequently we have built up wide experience and acknowledgement for our very visible anti slip solutions for both offshore, marine, industry, public and B2C.

There is no surface we cannot secure and our products stay anti slip regardless of the environment and weather. Even when our products are exposed to water, oil, grease, sludge, ice, defoliation, algae or whatever you might think of, we can still guarantee that they stay non slippery.

Avoid slip accidents with our anti slip solutions

We know that many employers fear that accidents would happen. This fear is due to several things. Partly, it is due to the fact that many employers feel a moral responsibility towards their employees. Partly, it is due to the fact that occupational accidents are costly and they can contribute to the poor reputation of one's business.

We will gladly help companies to optimize their workplace. We have many years of industry experience and extensive knowledge of our field. We offer versatile solutions, and there is no anti-slip solution available on the market, which we do not offer.

A number of the safety optimizations we offer include products like cable bridges, safety mats, fibreglass gratings and safety bumpers. You can read more about our many different products and solutions here.

There are big differences between how each company is optimized best, so there is a need for a versatile and diverse range of anti-slip solutions.

It is very important to us that we can offer each and every customer the right and perfectly fitted solution model.

Who are we?

We are a company that since 2005 has provided both advice on safety and safety-optimizing solutions for platforms, rigs and ships in the North Sea. Today, however, we deliver safety solutions to far more customers than just ships and platforms in the North Sea.

Our aim is to provide solutions that prevent occupational accidents, and if you look at the latest figures from the Danish Energy Agency, you shall confidently say that we have an existential right. Tripping and falling accidents are by far the most frequent occupational accidents when looking at occupational accidents over the past six years. About 37% of all work-related accidents can be defined as tripping and falling accidents.

We offer a range of different solutions that can reduce the risk of trips and falls at work in one way or another. The majority of our customers are business customers, but we also sell some solutions to private individuals.

Over the years, in close cooperation with North Sea operators, we have developed anti-skid products aimed at minimizing the number of slip and fall accidents in Danish workplaces.

Although our solutions have been developed in cooperation with North Sea operators, it does not mean that industry and public space can not benefit from them. Our products are highly versatile and can prevent occupational accidents at all kinds of different workplaces.

We are seeing an increase in architects and municipalities coming to us for safety-optimizing solutions for areas in public spaces. This makes us really happy and we are proud and honored to be allowed to contribute to making the public space safer to move around in.

Advice and guidance

As mentioned above, we have great expertise in our field and we will gladly share this expertise with potential customers.

We know that many people are uncertain as to how and and to what extent they should optimize their workplace. If you are one of those in doubt, call us and we will make you much smarter!

You can contact us at +45 26 11 44 66. If you wish to send us an email, you of course have that option as well. The email address to which you should send your email is realsap@realsap.com.

You are also very welcome to take a tour around our website where you can read more about the various anti-slip solutions we offer.

Go ahead and call us – we won’t let you fall, as anti slip is our only business!



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