Ladder Rung Covers

Prevent falls with anti slip ladder rung covers

Ladder rung profiles from Real Safety prevent slips and falls and can be mounted directly on the existing rungs - regardless of material or shape.

All of our ladder rung profiles are made of quality fibreglass with embedded silicon carbide stones that make the steps almost indestructible and very slip-resistant.

Unfortunately, too many accidents happen to people descending from ladders, and it goes without saying that there is an extra big danger associated with such a fall as this may potentially be several meters. Of course, we advise everyone to get their ladder rungs slip-proofed. However, we especially advise people who use outdoor ladders to slip-proof the steps, as not many raindrops are needed before the steps become slippery. Similarly, ladders in the food industry are exposed areas because grease, oil and other ingredients here are known safety issues.

Our ladder rung profiles can fortunately prevent slipping. They are non-slip, whether they are in contact with water, oil or other slippery materials. They remain anti-slip.


Different types of ladder rung profiles

We can provide both half round, channel and diamond shaped rung profiles. Each profile can be mounted directly on the existing rung without difficulty.

We produce ladder rung profiles in many different colors. A number of colors are expressive and visually contribute to reminding the surroundings that there are dangers associated with staying at or near the ladder.

Ladder Rung Cover types

Although our step profiles may vary in appearance, we guarantee that the materials are always of the same high quality. Our step profiles are namely always produced from quality fibreglass with embedded silicon carbide stones that help to create a completely non-slip surface.


Slip-proofing of all kinds of ladders

We know how many different ladder types exist and therefore we are also aware that a diverse and versatile range is necessary within ladder rung safety solutions.

That is why we are striving for having products for all ladder types and have not yet experienced getting an assignment within ladder rung safety that we could not solve.

Ladders are extremely important to secure. Many ladders are quite slippery, especially if the rungs are in contact with water, grease or other slippery materials.

There may be serious fall injuries on ladders as one might potentially fall several meters, depending on which step they slipped on. Therefore it is extremely important to slip-proof all ladders in order to significantly reduce the risk of a serious slip or fall accident. Luckily, it is quick and easy to do so on your own or by asking us for help.


1. Clean & glue.        2. Place.                   3. Press.

Ladder Rung Covers install steps

Read about our recommended industrial cleaner and glue under Mounting Kits and Accessories. Download product data sheets from the DATA tab.

Do you know them already? Purchase yours from our shop.


Do you have questions regarding anti-slip protection?

The entire team at Real Safety has broad knowledge of slip resistance of all kinds of products, also including ladders. We will therefore undoubtedly be able to answer the questions you may have in this field. If you would like our assistance or advice on anti-slip protection, please feel free to contact us either by phone or mail.

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